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Colombia today: the biggest trial against Paramilitary armies - accused of killing thousands of Colombians - is designed to create "peace and justice". Instead the process comes to an abrupt halt, when the political and economic interests in the paramilitary war are uncovered.
Are the victims' families doomed to stay victims forever or are theyable to fight Impunity?


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Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier... toute l'info> read more
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juan lozano
Words from Jury: "The Camera Justitia Award is for a film that deals with serious crimes against humanity and the sheer impossibility of getting justice despite overwhelming evidence. It is a deeply emotional film, which bravely accuses at least two countries of collusion with impunity for the perpetrators. Starting with ... read more
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PRIX SIGNIS DOCUMENTAIRE, Toulouse, mars 2011 read more
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MENTION SPECIALE décernée par l'Organisation Mondiale contre la Torture au film IMPUNITY de Juan José Lozano et Hollman Morris. "Les cinéastes ont pris tout les risques pour dénoncer l'application de la loi colombienne" Justice et Paix" : une machine à amnistier les pires assassins." Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains, Genève, mars 2011 read more
juan lozano